Cerema in english


National Centre For Studies and Expertise on Risks, Environment,
Mobility, and Urban and Country planning

Cerema is a public body in support of national and local authorities in the field of sustainable development.

Placed under the joint supervision of the ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development
and Energy and the ministry for Regional Equality, Housing and rural Affairs, Cerema is a
resource centre for scientific and technical expertise, in support of the definition,
implementation and evaluation of public policies, carried out by national and local

The main fields of operation are :

· Understanding and preventing risks
· Developing new infrastructures
· Energies and climate
· Managing existing infrastructures
· Impact on health
· Mobility and transportation
· Sustainable regions and natural resources
· Sustainable cities and buildings

Key figures :

· 3100 employees
· 220 national and international experts
· €250 M budget
· 29 sites in France
· 180 annual publications
· 66 national expertise hubs
· 33 associated research teams

For more information, general presentation brochure of Cerema.